November 23, 2020

Congratulations Dr Ben Pham - Outstanding Researcher of the Year

We were so excited to hear Dr Ben Pham's news. On 20th November 2020 (Vietnamese Teachers' Day) she was:

  • Promoted to Senior Lecturer 
  • Awarded "Outstanding Researcher of the Year" at Ha Noi National University of Education (HNUE).

Here is the link about her award:

She wrote the following words to our Speech-Language-Multilingualism SLM) team:

I could not have achieved this without your support. I am very grateful to be a member in our SLM team and each of you has contributed to my success (though I am very humbled to use the word 'my success'). I would like to say thankyou to all of you. 

I am currently leading a group of Vietnamese researchers in Speech and Language at my university. We are keen on learning from you about research methods for conducting good quality research projects in children's speech, language and communication. I hope the SLM team members could share your experience with our group here.

Congratulations Dr Ben - we are so proud of you - and look forward to our ongoing collaborations.

November 19, 2020

ECV2020 ECRG watching sessions together

 Each lunchtime this week the Early Childhood Research Group have watched an ECV2020 keynote presentation (or two) then discussed it together. Today we watched Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer's presenation.

Impact - The Informed SLP blogpost about Crowe & McLeod (2020)

 The Informed SLP has written another blogpost about our work

This time it is titled "The Not-New Speech Norms Part 2: An American Tale". The byline is "Say hello to the: Early 13, Middle 7, and Late 4?!"

Flash forward to the present day. This intrepid team of researchers is back with another review, summarizing all the consonant acquisition data (15 studies of 18,907 children) specific to US English. So for any skeptics who thought the 2018 results were skewed by encompassing data from multiple countries... sadly no. Actually, a few sounds show up earlier than in the first study.
Bid a fond farewell to the Early/Middle/Late 8, and say hello to the new (if less handy to remember):
Early 13: /b, p, n, m, d, h, w, t, k, ɡ, f, ŋ, j/ (Age 2–3)
Middle 7: /v, ʤ, l, ʧ, s, ʃ, z/ (Age 4)
Late 4: /ʒ, ɹ, ð, θ/ (Age 5–6)

The blogpost relates to this article we have written:

Crowe, K., & McLeod, S. (2020). Children's English consonant acquisition in the United States: A review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Advance online publication.

Connecting with colleagues in Queensland

 The borders between NSW and Queensland are open, so I have been enjoying connecting with colleagues in Queensland. I have caught up with Emeritus Professor Lindy McAllister and discussed her work with the Trinh Foundation in Vietnam. I also visited the new Education building at Queensland University of Technology.

E block at QUT

Emeritus Professor Lindy McAllister


November 17, 2020

Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference - Statistics from day 1

The Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference began yesterday (16th November, 2020). The committee met this morning to run over some of the statistics from day 1. WOW!

Registrations  = 2,758 from 70 countries

CSU YouTube channel (whole of CSU): views up 35,800 more than usual yesterday with 57 new subscribers

ECV2020 YouTube channel in the last 24 hours: 

  • ECV2020 welcome video – 418 views
  • Keynote 1 (Lundy) – 411 views
  • Keynote 3 (Fleer) – 158 views 
  • Keynote 5 (Dockett & Perry) – 179 views
  • Keynote 6 (Osgood) – 152 views

(we have had some technical issues with some of the other keynotes, that should be sorted now)

  • Paper 101 (Cumming) – 145  views
  • Paper 102 (Crowe) – 100 views 
  • Paper 107 (Downey) – 70 views
  • Paper 111 (McLeod & Crowe) – 72 views 
  • Paper 158 (Nakatsubo) – 58 views
  • Paper 175 (Robbie Warren) – 52 views

The presentations from the CSU ECRG members are getting a lot of views. 

Also, CSU has published another news release:

Venus International Women's Award - Shortlisted

I have just learned that I have been nominated for and shortlisted for the Venus International Women's Award in the Health Sciences category


November 13, 2020

Engagement and impact from Dr Michelle Brown's postdoc

 Dr Michelle Brown's postdoc with me will end in a few weeks' time. It has been a fantastic time of establishing her StoryBabies research program (we even coined the term during her postdoc). She has had rich engagement opportunities with speech pathologists, educators and librarians across Australia. She has led the Library Talks for Speech Pathology Austrlalia and the Australian Librarians Association. A longer list will be uploaded soon. It has been a pleasure working with her. 

Early Childhood Voices Conference 2020 - all the links and information

Early Childhood Voices  Conference ECV2020

The Early Childhood Voices Conference (ECV2020) is a FREE international multidisciplinary conference sharing research about innovative methods, theories and partnerships with children, families and practitioners that supports social justice during early childhood or within the early childhood sector. International speakers will present research in a virtual online space about innovations to improve the lives of children, families and practitioners during early childhood (generally birth-8 years) or within the early childhood sector. ECV2020 will be held entirely online and asynchronously; that is, you can watch the presentations anytime during the conference. There is no registration fee and no fees to present or view the presentations. The conference will be held from 16th to 20th November 2020.

In the news

ECV2020 map of registrations


10am on 16th November 2020 - Our first morning...

  • Registrations  = 2678
  • Views in the first hour. Welcome - 120 views; Keynote 1 (Lundy) - 64 views; Keynote 2 (Gillon) - 28 views (Gillon); Keynote 3 - 20 views; Keynote 5 (Dockett & Perry) - 19 views; Keynote 6 (Osgood) - 20 views; Keynote 8 (Emery) - 10 views; 101 (Cumming) - 32 views; 103 - 10 views; 106 - 10 views; 108 - 13 views; 111 - 13 views; 115 - 11 views; 126 - 13 views


November 12, 2020

VietSpeech SuperSpeech Group - Week 5

This evening was week 5 of our 8-week VietSpeech SuperSpeech Group. Our wonderful families were ready for their photo and agreed that we could share it on social media. We are having such a great time encouraging home language maintenance - and the superhero skills of speaking two languages.

VietSpeech team: Kate Margetson, Sharynne McLeod, Audrey Wang, Sarah Verdon, Van Tran

November 11, 2020

Congratulations Holly on your fantastic Honours result!

Today Holly McAlister found out she achieved an H1 for her honours degree. A well deserved result. It has been such a priviledge to work with Holly this year. Best wishes for your future career as a speech pathologist Holly. I hope that you consider undertaking more research in the future.