October 29, 2020

CSU Alumni Award Winners

WOW! Congratulations to two of our team who have WON the CSU Alumni Awards.

Dr Kate Crowe won the 2020 Professional Achievement – Research category

Dr Sarah Verdon won the 2020 Young Alumnus of the Year

 CSU Alumni wrote:

We are very proud to announce our 2020 Alumni Award winners and highly commended! All of whom are making an astounding impact in their field and inspiring others. We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of nominations. There truly are so many of you living and breathing the Charles Sturt University ethos Yindyamarra Winhanganha, a Wiradjuri phrase that means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in. 
This is an amazing achievement, as the calibre of entries was incredibly high. Well done on the honour, you deserve the title!
It was originally planned for our Award winners to be presented with your trophy and certificate at the Charles Sturt University graduations in December of this year. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, our ceremonies have had to be postponed until May 2021. We would still love to celebrate your achievement at this postponed ceremony and would be honoured if you could be a guest speaker.

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so proud of you both - and all you have done throughout the world!

Kate Crowe celebrating in Reykjavik, Iceland
when she heard the news

Here are the news items and announcements celebrating their success. 



October 26, 2020

Feeedback about VietSpeech SuperSpeech (after week 2)

Only 2 weeks after our VietSpeech's SuperSpeech program started, we received lots of positive feedback and queries on how to enrol in the program. Below are some of them:
  • Right after the 1st session, I noticed my son got more interested in Vietnamese, he asked me more questions like What is it in Vietnamese, what does it mean, etc...
  • My kid asked more about things around him, commenting on the Vietnamese and English meaning of the words.
  • My son likes the activities and homework in the children's workbook and he can't wait to join the program every Thursday afternoon. I have also learnt so many useful information on how to teach and help children learn Vietnamese. I really like the resources that the program offers.
  • I have learnt how to help my children learn and use Vietnamese. More importantly, I have chance to spend more time with my boys, which I didn't notice could be so meaningful. I feel warm when reading books with them every evening, explaining to them the meaning of the words or answering their questions. The program is not just about maintaining Vietnamese but also about strengthening the bond between parents and children.
  • I now spend more time with my daughter, I have learnt simple ways of how to make Vietnamese learning fun, you can teach your children Vietnamese in everyday activities.
  • This is a very meaningful program. My kids enjoy the book reading activities every night. It's fantastic to read books to them and hear their responses in Vietnamese. Thank you SuperSpeech.
  • Thank you for the great effort you guys put in. These lessons are both helpful for both myself and my daughter especially because Vietnamese is not my first language.
We are so delighted to hear these wonderful feedback from VietSpeech SuperSpeech families. Thank you all and we hope we will together have more fun exploring ways to maintain Vietnamese and develop bilingualism for your kids.
As there are many queries about how to enrol in the program, we do hope we can run this program or similar programs in the future again.
Viet Speech
's SuperSpeech program is part of an ARC-funded project on Vietnamese-Australian children's speech and language competence. The program is led by Prof Sharynne McLeod and Dr Sarah Verdon with contributions from linguists, speech pathologists, and psychologists.
(written and translated by Dr Van Tran)


Muốn con giữ tiếng Việt và giúp con phát triển song ngữ cần 2 yếu tố cơ bản: 1) Thái độ tích cực với ngôn ngữ và văn hóa Việt, 2) Bản thân bố mẹ cần phải tham gia và đồng hành với con!
Với phương châm này, dự án nghiên cứu về năng lực ngôn ngữ của trẻ nói tiếng Việt ở Úc mang tên VietSpeech đã thực hiện chương trình SuperSpeech để giúp bố mẹ biết các cách để hỗ trợ con giữ tiếng Việt và phát triển song ngữ. Dự án do GS Sharynne McLeod và TS Sarah Verdon chủ nhiệm đề tài và có đội ngũ nghiên cứu viên gồm các chuyên gia ngôn ngữ, chuyên gia âm ngữ trị liệu và chuyên gia tâm lý.
Chương trình đã bước vào tuần thứ 3 trong lịch trình dài 8 tuần và đã nhận được phản hồi rất tích cực của các gia đình tham gia chương trình.
Trong số các bố mẹ tham gia chương trình, có những người mong muốn giúp con giữ tiếng Việt nhưng chưa biết làm thế nào hiệu quả, có những người đã làm tốt rồi nhưng muốn học hỏi và chia sẻ thêm kinh nghiệm. Một số phản hồi sau 2 tuần đầu chương trình nhận được như sau:
  • Sau ngay tuần đầu tham gia tôi nhận thấy con tôi quan tâm đến tiếng Việt hơn, luôn hỏi: Cái này tiếng Việt là gì?
  • Con tôi hỏi nhiều câu hỏi về các đồ vật xung quanh, nhận xét về tiếng Anh và tiếng Việt của các từ đó
  • Con tôi tích cực làm bài tập về nhà và mong đến thứ 5 hàng tuần
  • Tham gia chương trình, tôi không chỉ biết các cách hỗ trợ con phát triển cả hai ngôn ngữ Việt-Anh mà còn dành nhiều thời gian đọc truyện với con hơn, điều mà trước đây tôi không nghĩ quan trọng đến như vậy. Tôi thấy một sự ấm áp mỗi tối 2 bố con ngồi đọc truyện với nhau, tôi thích việc giải thích cho con, hay giúp con làm các hoạt động về ngôn ngữ.
  • Tôi dành nhiều thời gian với con hơn và biết cách làm thế nào để giúp con học tiếng Việt tự nhiên, vui vẻ trong các sinh hoạt hàng ngày.
  • Cám ơn sự nhiệt tình và nỗ lực của nhóm nghiên cứu VietSpeech đã để thực hiện chương trình này. Tôi không nói tiếng Việt nhiều với con ở nhà, tôi không biết bắt đầu từ đâu. Sau 2 tuần tham gia chương trình, giờ tôi đã dần thấy các cách giúp con nói tiếng Việt và làm quen với cách viết từ ngữ tiếng Việt.
  • Cám ơn những nỗ lực tuyệt vời của nhóm nghiên cứu để tổ chức chương trình. Cả tôi và con gái tôi đều học được rất nhiều, đặc biệt vì tiếng Việt không phải là tiếng mẹ đẻ của tôi.
Không gì vui bằng được nghe những phản hồi chân thành và tích cực như vậy. Mong là các bố mẹ và các con sẽ tiếp tục thấy thích thú trong các tuần tiếp theo của chương trình!!!!
Dưới đây là một số hình ảnh về chương trình được phép đăng trên phương tiện thông tin xã hội.
Kate Margetson, Sharynne McLeod, Sarah Verdon, Van Tran

Congratulations Audrey!

Dr Audrey Wang, who  is our extremely valuable statistical consultant on our VietSpeech grant for 1 day/week, has just finished her psychology internship hours and submitted her application for general registration in psychology to AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). Congratulations Audrey!

UPDATE: 4th November - Dr Wang is now a registered psychologist. Congratulations Audrey - this is wonderful news - and hard earned recognition.

October 23, 2020

2020 Speech and Hearing Foundation of MA Annual Lecture

I was honoured to attend the 2020 Speech and Hearing Foundation of MA (Massachusetts) Annual Lecture presented by Dr. Kate Crowe titled "Why use one language when you can use two... or three or fout? Recognising and supporting the potential of Deaf multilingual learners."

The Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Emerson College is pleased to announce the 2020 Speech and Hearing Foundation of MA lecture by Dr. Kathryn Crowe, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Iceland and member of the International Expert Panel on Multilingual Children’s Speech. http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ehb3g6dya9451987&llr=ntsxjg8ab&showPage=true

October 22, 2020

CSU Alumni of the Year Finalists

Congratulations to Kate Crowe and Sarah Verdon who are CSU Alumni of the Year Finalists for 2020. https://alumni.csu.edu.au/current-alumni/alumni-awards

Here is the announcement:

We’re very proud to announce the finalists for our 2020 Alumni Awards. You, along with all our nominees, are making a huge impact in their field and inspiring others.
We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of nominations! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our alumni for the time and effort that was clearly put into the submissions and nominations.
For those who are not finalists, please don’t be disheartened. The calibre of nominations were astounding, and we encourage you to apply again next year.

Introducing our 2020 Finalists

Professional Achievement
• Alison Michalk
• David Ohana
• Dr Kathryn Crowe
• Judith MacCormick
• Peter Wheeler
• Shanna Daly
• Stuart Blacksell

Young Alumni of the Year
• Dr Sarah Verdon
• Jacqueline Frei
• James Lenigas
• Lisa Jackson
• Rebecca Drummond

ECV2020 - 1104 registrations from 52 countries so far

We are working hard on preparing for ECV2020: https://earlychildhoodresearch.csu.domains/early-childhood-voices-conference-2020/

We are so delighted by the number of registrations we have for ECV2020. We currently have 1104 registrations from 51 countries (+ unknown) so far. The conference is still 3 weeks away! 

  1. Albania 
  2. Argentina 
  3. Australia 
  4. Bahrain 
  5. Bangladesh 
  6. Belgium 
  7. Brazil 
  8. Canada 
  9. Chile 
  10. Costa 
  11. Rica 
  12. Denmark 
  13. Fiji 
  14. Finland 
  15. France 
  16. Germany 
  17. Ghana 
  18. Greece 
  19. Iceland 
  20. India 
  21. Ireland 
  22. Italy 
  23. Japan 
  24. Jordan 
  25. Kuwait 
  26. Latvia 
  27. Macau SAR China 
  28. Malta 
  29. Moldova 
  30. Morocco 
  31. Myanmar (Burma) 
  32. New Zealand 
  33. Nigeria 
  34. Norway 
  35. Oman 
  36. Pakistan 
  37. Peru 
  38. Philippines 
  39. Poland 
  40. Saudi Arabia 
  41. Singapore 
  42. South Africa 
  43. Sweden 
  44. Switzerland 
  45. Turkey 
  46. United Arab Emirates 
  47. United Kingdom 
  48. United States 
  49. (Unknown Location) 
  50. Vietnam 
  51. Zambia 
  52. Zimbabwe

Wonderful SOTE colleagues at at distance

 I had a chance to catch up with Donna Bateup from the School of Teacher Education today. She has been doing an amazing job supporting us all from a distance this year. Thanks Donna!

October 21, 2020

ASHA President Elect

This morning I was able to have a broadranging conversation with my colleague Dr. Lynn Williams who is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association president elect for 2021. We have a long history of collaborations - and I am very pleased she will be leading ASHA through 2021.

October 20, 2020

Shier's presentation on research BY children

 Today I was so pleased to have the opportunity to hear Harry Shier speak about his research with children. His online presentation was titled "Research ON children, ABOUT children and BY children: Before and after the COVID Factor" and was faciliated by Western Sydney University.

October 17, 2020

UK's COVID language catch up fund

Congratulations to the UK Department for Education who have announced a “£1 billion Covid catch up fund to directly tackle the impact of lost teaching time” including an “early years support package to help close the Covid language gap” (UK Department for Education, 2020) https://www.gov.uk/government/news/early-years-support-package-to-help-close-covid-language-gap

As indicated by the UNited Nations: “Children are the hidden victims of the COVID-19 pandemic” (United Nations Children's Fund, 2020) 

Children are not the face of this pandemic. But they risk being among its biggest victims...for some children, the impact will be lifelong...the harmful effects...are expected to be most damaging for children...in already disadvantaged or vulnerable situations. (UNICEF, 2020)

October 16, 2020

Conversations and collaborations

I have enjoyed collaborating with Dr Beena Ahmed and Prof Kirrie Ballard on our recent publication:

McLeod, S., Ballard, K. J., Ahmed, B., McGill, N., & Brown, M. I. (2020). Supporting children with speech sound disorders during COVID-19 restrictions: Technological solutions. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, Advance online publication. https://doi.org/doi:10.1044/2020_PERSP-20-00128 

Now we are continuing to discuss future collaborations regarding our shared interest in children's speech. I look forward to working with them and their team.

Dr Beena Ahmed (UNSW), Prof Sharynne McLeod, Mustafa Shahin (UNSW), Prof Kirrie Ballard (USyd)

October 15, 2020

Our VietSpeech SuperSpeech program began today

14 excited 4- to 6-year-old children and their parents joined 4 excited VietSpeech researchers online for week 1 of our VietSpeech SuperSpeech program today. The children had received their capes and Vietnamese books in the mail, and were eager to begin. Our team has worked so hard to be ready for today. Thank you so much to Dr Van Tran, Kate Margetson, Sarah Verdon and Katherine White. Week 1 went really well. One father wrote: 

Thank you for the great effort you guys put in. These lessons are both helpful for both myself and my daughter especially because Vietnamese is not my first language.

ECV2020 planning meeting

Today we met for our next ECV2020 planning meeting. We have 811 registrations - 8 keynote sessions and 89 oral presentations. We are currently working on the abstract book, social media, website, welcome videos etc.

October 14, 2020

SLM team collaboration - Diversity in SLP special issue

It was wonderful to meet with original SLM team members last night to discuss our latest collaboration to submit a paper for a special issue of a journal on diversity in speech-language pathology. What inspirational people to work with.

Suzanne Hopf (CSU, Fiji), Sharynne McLeod (CSU), Kate Crowe (Iceland), Helen Blake (UTS), Sarah Verdon (CSU)(not pictured)

October 13, 2020

CSU Faculty Forum - Beyond 2021

Today, our Executive Dean John McDonald held a Faculty forum with 160+ staff in attendance via zoom. Over the past few months 153 people from across the faculty have committed to working in one (or more) of 12 groups to reimagine our faculty for 2021 and beyond. It was interesting to hear presentations from the 12 groups.

Lachlan Brown wrote a song for the Wicked Problems group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmJ-GfgSEJc

The Faculty Leadership Team wrote:

What an amazing set of presentations about our work over the past three months: Focus. Momentum. Collaboration. Critical Reflection. Inspiring. Energy. Openness. Honesty. And real progress on so many fronts. 


October 11, 2020

Holly's thesis has been submitted

It is always very exciting when a thesis is due for submission. Today Holly McAlister submitted her honours thesis. I have been honoured be Holly's honours co-supervisor (with Dr Suzanne Hopf as primary supervisor). Her thesis is part of her Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology (Honours) and her thesis is titled: "Fiji English speech sound acquisition and disorders in Fijian children". Best wishes for finalising your thesis and for a great outcome Holly.


October 10, 2020

Supporting children with speech sound disorders during COVID-19 restrictions: Technological solutions

Our manuscript has been published online:

McLeod, S., Ballard, K. J., Ahmed, B., McGill, N., & Brown, M. I. (2020). Supporting children with speech sound disorders during COVID-19 restrictions: Technological solutions. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, Advance online publication. https://doi.org/doi:10.1044/2020_PERSP-20-00128

Here is the abstract:

“Children are the hidden victims of the COVID-19 pandemic” (United Nations Children's Fund, 2020). Timely and effective speech intervention is important to reduce the impact on children's school achievement, ability to make friends, mental health, future life opportunities, and government resources. Prior to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, many Australian children did not receive sufficient speech-language pathology (SLP) services due to long waiting lists in the public health system. COVID-19 restrictions exacerbated this issue, as even children who were at the top of lengthy SLP waiting lists often received limited services, particularly in rural areas. To facilitate children receiving speech intervention remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence from randomized controlled trials regarding three technological solutions are examined: (a) Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter (Sound Start Study), (b) Waiting for Speech Pathology website, and (c) Apraxia World. 

Conclusions For the first two technological solutions, there were similar gains in speech production between the intervention and control groups, whereas, for the third solution, the average magnitude of treatment effect was comparable to face-to-face SLP therapy. Automated therapy management systems may be able to accelerate speech development and support communication resilience to counteract the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions on children with speech sound disorders. Technology-based strategies may also provide a potential solution to the chronic shortage of SLP services in rural areas into the future.

Exciting statistics regarding our special issue of IJSLP on Communication Rights

I have just recieved the following exciting statistics from Melody Harris at Taylor & Francis regarding our special issue of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (IJSLP) on Communication Rights (Volume 20, no 1, 2018):

...the number of downloads your issue received were extremely high when compared to regular issues of both the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and a standard issue of other Taylor & Francis audiology journals. I have included the numbers for your special issue below:

  • Downloads of 20(1) in 2018: 49,500 (for reference the next highest downloaded issue in the journal received 15,569 downloads) 
  • Downloads of 20(1) in 2019: 63,637 (the next highest downloaded issue in the journal received 14,363 downloads) 
  • Downloads of 20(1) in 2020 YTD: 53,087 ( the next highest downloaded issue in the journal received 12,397 downloads)

 Communication Rights was viewed 168,911 times (2/10/20) and my lead article, “Communication Rights: Fundamental human rights for all” (McLeod, 2018) had 16,855 views and the top Altmetric score of 170 for IJSLP in 2019.

October 9, 2020

Health Research and Innovation Award from NSW Health (Western NSW LHD)

Today Emily Davis learned that we were awarded the Health Research and Innovation Award from NSW Health - Western NSW Local Health District for our research "Waiting for Speech Pathology: Advice vs Device". Congratulations to the official team on the grant: Emily Davis (Bathurst), Sharynne McLeod (CSU), Katrina Rohr (Bathurst), Angela Roberts (Bathurst), Nicole McGill (CSU), and Katherine Miller (Dubbo) and the rest of the team Sally Thornton (Dubbo), Nina Aiho (Dubbo), Nicola Ivory (CSU), Cen(Audrey) Wang (CSU), Chris Ferrito (Bathurst), and Louise McMurtrie (Bathurst).

Katrina and Emily accepted the award in Orange at the 2020 WNSWLHD Living Quality & Safety Awards.

Here is the citation:

Waiting for Speech Pathology: Advice or Device brought together a collaboration of speech pathologists from Bathurst and Dubbo, and Charles Sturt University to provide web content of free, evidence-based resources to support families during the time they were waiting for access to face-to-face speech pathology for their child. Since becoming available, the web content has been accessed more than 14,500 times.

The nomination included the following information "the website has been accessed 14,419 times across 90 countries/regions. The website has been widely viewed during the COVID pandemic, with almost half of website hits from NSW occurring from March – June 2020 (4669 of 9542 hits).”

Katrina Rohr and Emily Davis receiving the award at the
2020 WNSWLHD Living Quality & Safety Awards

Emily Davis and Sharynne McLeod

This blog link shares the research journey of our team and acknowledges all who have been involved: https://speakingmylanguages.blogspot.com/search/label/NSWHealthTRGS

This award is part of the following scheme: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/innovation/Pages/default.aspx

VietSpeech SuperSpeech Group planning

Next week our VietSpeech SuperSpeech Group will commence. This program is Study 4 in our Australian Research Council Discovery Grant. We have a superhero theme, encouraging the young children to see themselves as having a superpowers if they can speak both English AND Vietnamese. The VietSpeech team who have been working hard to prepare the resources and undertake pre-intervention assessments include: Kate Margetson, Dr Van Tran, Katherine White, Dr Sarah Verdon, (with assistance from Dr Ben Pham and Dr Audrey Wang, Lily To, Cassandra Dray, etc...). Thanks everyone - it's going to be great.

Dr Van Tran wearing her SuperSpeech cape
with some of the children's resources

Cassandra Dray from CSU is our creative graphic designer for our VietSpeech SuperSpeech workbooks and resources

Research Group Leaders

This afternoon our Faculty Research Group Leaders met with Associate Dean Research Philip Hider and  Dean John McDonald. Here are our groups: https://arts-ed.csu.edu.au/research/research-groups

We have been working on our research narrative,  webpages, membership, and long-term goals.

October 7, 2020

CSU Senior Research Fellowship Reflections: Faculty Research Cafe Presentation

Today the School of Humanities and Social Science presented the Faculty of Arts and Education (FoAE) Research and Graduate Studies Research Café ‘Fellowship Reflections’ featuring Charles Sturt University FoAE Research fellowship holders: Karen Bell, Tamara Cumming, Sharynne McLeod, Dominic O’Sullivan and Peter Simmons 

Please join us for this rare opportunity to hear about the work of our distinguished colleagues. This forum promotes interdisciplinary dialogue in an informal setting, enabling the sharing of the experiences of fellowships and the outcomes and achievements that are possible. Each presenter will talk about what they learned from the fellowships and how these learnings apply to all researchers in the faculty. 

When: October – 3-5pm 

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/66168584352 

Schedule of events: 

  • Introduction and welcome – Professor Wendy Bowles
  • Acknowledgement of Country – Professor Manohar Pawar 
  • Presentations by fellowship holders 
  • Questions and open discussion 

Associate Professor Karen Bell 

Presentation title - Research leadership, engagement and capacity-building 

Karen is an Associate Professor of Social Work and Human Services in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and is co-leader of the Environment and Social Justice Research Group. Karen’s research area is broadly social justice in social work practice and education in national and international contexts, areas of focus include transformative philosophy of social work; gender; rural and regional service delivery. 

 Dr Tamara Cumming

Presentation title - Early childhood educators’ well-being: local data and international perspectives

Tamara is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education, co-leader of the CSU Early Childhood Research Group, and co-leader of the Early Childhood Educators’ Well-being Project. Tamara’s research focuses on the well-being and sustainability of the early childhood workforce, and on the complexity of early childhood practice. 

Professor Sharynne McLeod

Presentation title - Resilient communicators

Prof Sharynne McLeod has been an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, is an elected Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Life Member of Speech Pathology Australia and past Vice President of the International Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics Association. The Australian Newspaper named her Australia’s Research Field Leader in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology in 2018, 2019, 2020 based on the “quality, volume and impact” of research. In 2018 she edited a special issue of International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (Taylor&Francis) on Communication Rights which she presented at the United Nations in 2019.

 Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan

Presentation title - Sharing the sovereign – citizenship, recognition and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Dominic is Associate Professor of Political Science at CSU and Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Maori Health Research at the Auckland University of Technology. During his Senior Research Fellowship Dominic finished two books: ‘We Are All Here to Stay’: citizenship, sovereignty and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was published in September by ANU Press, and Sharing the sovereign: Indigenous peoples, recognition, treaties and the state which will be published by Palgrave Macmillan early in the new year.

 Associate Professor Peter Denyer-Simmons

Presentation title - Social media, policy and coexistence

Peter is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Creative Industries. Peter’s research is focused on gathering evidence that supports effective public policy and communication strategies. His research interests span interpersonal and organisational communication, qualitative, quantitative and qualquant research methods. He has had three great loves in research – Football referees and the communication of fairness; Strategic Local government communication as instrument of democracy; Social media and coexistence.


Thanks to Dr Donna Bridges – School of Humanities and Social Science Research Seminar Series coordinator for organising the event dbridges@csu.edu.au

Top 20 journals in Audiology, Speech & Language Pathology (Google Scholar)

According to Google Scholar, here are the top 20 journals in Audiology, Speech & Language Pathology  https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=top_venues&hl=en&vq=med_audiologyspeechlanguagepathology 
  1. Ear and Hearing 
  2. Journal of Voice 
  3. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research *
  4. International Journal of Audiology 
  5. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology *
  6. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders *
  7. Aphasiology 
  8. Trends in Hearing 
  9. Journal of Communication Disorders  *
  10. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 
  11. American Journal of Audiology 
  12. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology *
  13. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools  *
  14. Journal of Neurolinguistics 
  15. Journal of Fluency Disorders 
  16. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics  *
  17. Seminars in Hearing 
  18. Communication Disorders Quarterly 
  19. Cochlear Implants International 
  20. Seminars in Speech and Language *

* Journals I have published in

October 1, 2020

Speech Pathology Australia 2021 conference peer review

 I have just finished reviewing for the Speech Pathology Australia 2021 conference. There were some excellent abstracts - I would love to attend a number of the papers I reviewed.

Congratulations ARC Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer

 Congratulations ARC Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer on your groundbreaking work inspiring young children and early childhood educators: https://www.facebook.com/EducationMonash/videos/2342211002710426/