July 29, 2020

SOTE Colleagues Research Ideas and Encouragement (aka CV writing workshop)

Our School of Teacher Education (SOTE) Colleagues Research Ideas and Encouragement Group (previously called the CV writing workshop). We have had a number of sessions together, so today everyone talked about their life/teaching/research since we last met. I was encouraged to hear that everyone had been working on their research over the semester break, and most had space this semester to continue their momentum. We also talked about:
  • Signing up for journal alerts
  • Targetting journals when you begin writing each journal article
  • ResearchGate
  • Google Scholar - linking to CSU library
  • Planning for promotion by looking at the requirements for the level above your current employment 
  • Teaching quality
  • Grant opportunities/workshops/writing ROPES
I really enjoy these meetings.

Belinda, Sharynne, Jenny, Rahul, Jess, James + Brian

COVID-19 books for children

There have been a number of books created for children to unpack COVID-19 and what children can do (washing hands etc.). Here are some: