February 23, 2010

The Future Fellowship officially begins

My Future Fellowship officially began on Monday 8th February, 2010.

What a privelidge it is to think about research full time!
My first weeks have been a productive and collegial time. Here are a few highlights:
1. Dr. Karla Washington and I submitted a grant application titled: Investigating children's acquisition of Jamaican Creole (Patois). While I was working in the Australian summer heat, Karla was in the Canadian snow (below)

2. Kate Crowe came to Bathurst for a week and worked on her PhD proposal titled: Multilingual children with hearing loss: Communication choices and outcomes. Kate cooked a lovely Chinese meal to inspire us (below).

3. Jane McCormack and I have been invited to co-author a book chapter on Communication measures for the ICF-CY:
McLeod, S., McCartney, E. & McCormack, J. (in process). Communication (d310-d369). In A. Majnemer (Eds). Measures for children with developmental disabilities: Framed by the ICF-CY. London: Mac Keith Press.

4. I attended the christening of Xander Watts Pappas. Xander's mum is my colleague and ex-PhD student. The celebration was wonderful Greek family event and enabled me to participate in an important aspect of bicultural Australia.
5. This week Isabelle Simard is visiting from Montréal Canada. She speaks many languages (including French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Greek!) and her SLP clinic specialises in working with multilingual children.