July 23, 2011

AusTalk: A national treasure

The aim of AusTalk is to create a corpus of  high quality audio/videos of the speech of 1000 Australian adults. Each adult is recorded 3 times for an hour each time, resulting in a rich source of content that can be used in many applications, including forensics, computer science, hearing aid/cochlear implant technology, and speech pathology.
AusTalk is funded by the Australian Research Council and I have been honoured to oversee the Bathurst (Charles Sturt University) site of data collection. Rebekah Lockart is the extremely capable research assistant on the project. Bathurst is one of only 4 rural sites, the others are Geelong, Armidale, and Alice Springs. The University of Western Sydney is overseeing AusTalk.

For more information about AusTalk see: http://www.austalk.edu.au/
For the CSU media release see: here

Rebekah with the AusTalk equipment (black box)

Recording Australian speech