September 4, 2011

Research retreat in Sydney

The first 3 days in September were spent in Sydney with Prof Lynn Williams (East Tennessee State University) and Dr Elise Baker (University of Sydney). We have worked together for many years, with our collaborative and independent research endeavours focussing on children with speech sound disorders. Our time together was very productive. Following on from the publication of Interventions for Children with Speech Sound Disorders (Paul H. Brookes), we initiated an analysis of the ingredients of intervention for children with speech sound disorders and have planned some future publications. During our time, we met with two of my research and higher degree students Rebekah Lockart and Kate Crowe. We discussed their research, and also were treated with an expanded explanation of the multiple oppositions intervention approach from Lynn.
Sharynne, Prof Lynn Williams and Dr Elise Baker
Sharynne, Rebekah Lockart, Lynn Williams, Kate Crowe, Elise Baker