October 27, 2013

Book review: Multilingual aspects of speech sound disorders in children

The following review was published recently
Wren, Y. (2013). Book review: McLeod S and Goldstein BA (2012) Multilingual aspects of speech sound disorders in children. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 29(3), 373-374. doi: 10.1177/0265659013502883
The review concludes with the following sentences
There is still much to be learned with regard to meeting the needs of our multilingual clients, but this text can make a substantial contribution to our practice based on the knowledge available today. Not all languages commonly spoken by multilingual children are covered but details on some of the most frequently occurring are addressed while the general principles are relevant to all. In combination with The international guide to speech acquisition (McLeod, 2007), which provides information on the sound systems of a range of the world’s languages, this text is a must-read for all those clinicians working with multilingual children.