March 21, 2014

Sound Start Study update

This has been an exciting week for the Sound Start Study.
New Team Member
We would like to welcome Charlotte Howland to the Sound Start team as our new research assistant. Charlotte is a 3rd year speech pathology student at the University of Sydney and met with myself, Elise, Sarah and Kate this week to discuss the project. Charlotte will be working 4hrs per week for Sound Start and is planning to focus on children's phonology for her honours project. 

Sarah, Charlotte, and Kate
Homebush Visit 
I visited the CSU Homebush site on Wednesday and met with Sarah, Kate, and Charlotte and had phonecalls with Elise and Jane. It was a day was full of discussion, data, and lots of good food and coffee!

Site Recruitment Update 
It has been a big week in terms of site recruitment. We currently have 13 preschools who will be participating in the study this year. In total there are approximately 600 children within the eligible age range attending these schools. There are an additional 13 preschool that have said that they are interested in participating.