April 30, 2014

Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists Study Day

Today I was an invited speaker at the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists Study Day in Dublin. There were over 100 speech and language therapists from Ireland in attendance. The order of presentations and presenters were:

  • “Multilingual Children with Speech and Language Disorders” by Prof Helen Grech (Malta)
  • Resources for Supporting Multilingual Childrenby Prof Sharynne McLeod (Australia)
  • “Exposing our talents” by Prof Pamela Enderby (UK)
  • “Multilingual Speech and Language Disorders, Assessment Issues” by Prof Lilly Cheng (USA)
During my presentation I provided a hyperlinked handout so that people could click on and explore  resources from the Multilingual Children's Speech website during the presentation. The tweets posted during the presentation suggested that people enjoyed this style.
The IASLT have been so welcoming and generous. They have hosted our IALP meeting, and have ensured we leave with a high regard for Irish food and hospitality. It was also a great chance to catch up with colleagues from Trinity College Dublin, NIU Gallway, and University College Cork.
Anne Healy (IASLT), Helen Grech, Pam Enderby, Sharynne McLeod, Lilly Cheng, Jonathan Linklater (IASLT)
Fiona Gibbon (University College Cork), Clare Carroll (NIU Gallway), Sharynne McLeod, Rena Lyons (NIU Gallway)