July 9, 2015

Working on the Vietnamese Speech Assessment in wintery Bathurst

This week Lê Thị Thanh Xuân (Xuân) returned to Bathurst to keep working with Phạm Thị Bền (Bền) and myself on the Vietnamese Speech Assessment. We finalised the word list, selected prototypes for the pictures, created a list of prompts and cues, discussed parent questionnaires, and began developing the protocol for testing. Ben and Xuan also pilot tested the Vietnamese Speech Assessment on 5 adults and a child who spoke different Vietnamese dialects. 
Last time Xuân visited was in autumn (see blog post here). This time it has been winter. In fact one night this week it was -4oC! On one evening we all went iceskating in the outdoor rink set up to celebrate Bathurst's 200th birthday. A fun winter past time - and quite different from what happens in Vietnam. (Bền was saying that children in Ha Noi do not have to attend school if it is going to be below 10oC.)
Sharynne, Xuan and Ben working on the Vietnamese Speech Assessment
Sharynne, Xuan, Grear, Jess, Minh and Ben iceskating in Bathurst