December 2, 2015

2015 PhD, postdoc, and honours community of scholars meeting in Sydney

Almost all of my research students live in different cities from one another (and myself) including Sydney, Newcastle, Albury and Nadi (Fiji). They support one another via email, phone, etc. Once a year we meet face-to-face. Last year was in Bathurst and this year was at the CSU Homebush (Sydney) campus. Each year each student presents their research and the group provides encouragement, feedback, and ideas. This year, we also had Dr Yvonne Wren as our guest speaker who listened to each presentation and then at the end of the day discussed research impact, and how it related to each student's research. We also planned which conferences we would attend in 2016/7. It was Kate's birthday, so we also had cake.

The people who attended this years' research students' day were: Anna Cronin (PhD, commencing 2016), Helen Blake (PhD), Ben Phแบกm (PhD), Charlotte Howland (Honours), Suzanne Hopf (PhD - via teleconference from Fiji), Sarah Masso (PhD), Sarah Verdon (post doc), Kate Crowe (post doc) as well as Dr Yvonne Wren and Dr Elise Baker (for the afternoon). 
Back: Sarah Verdon, Charlotte Howland, Sharynne McLeod, Yvonne Wren, Sarah Masso, Ben Pham
Front: Helen Blake, Kate Crowe, Anna Cronin
Teleconference from Fiji: Suzanne Hopf
Sarah Verdon presenting her ideas for a research grant application