January 13, 2016

Charlotte's last day with the Sound Start Study

Today was Charlotte’s last day on the Sound Start Study. She has been working hard with us for the last two years – and working particularly hard over the last 3 months. She has been an invaluable member of the Sound Start team and has shown incredible initiative since her first day with us. Charlotte has been a pleasure to work with and has remained as cool as a cucumber despite varying levels of stress, workload and scanning (!!). She has finished a mountain of work over these last few weeks...Charlotte has been offered an incredible position as a speech pathologist at one of the large teaching hospitals in Sydney and will definitely be an asset to her new team.
CONGRATULATIONS CHARLOTTE! Congratulations on an amazing time with us, an amazing honours result and an amazing job opportunity. What a way to start a new, exciting year. Sound Start wouldn’t have been the same without you. (Written by Sarah Masso)