October 28, 2016

Multilingual Repertoires and Multilingual Discourse Conference

This week Suzanne Hopf and I attended the Multilingual Repertoires and Multilingual Discourse Conference held at Western Sydney University in Parramatta.
We presented the following paper: Hopf, S. C., McLeod, S., & McDonagh, S. H. - Individual and societal linguistic multi-competence in Fiji.
It was interesting to hear presentations from some of Australia's prominent linguists including Diana Eades, Jeff Seigel, Felicity Meakins, Howard Nicholas, Patrick McConvell and Andres Ahlqvist. I enjoyed attending the following masterclasses:
  • Investigating multilingualism in school-aged children - Dr. Lucija Medojevic
  • Researching language contact in the field - Dr. Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen and Dr. Brett Baker
  • The Story of Kriol in northern Australia - Dr. Felicity Meakins
Suzanne Hopf and Jeff Seigel

Suzanne and Lucija were the 2015 winners of the Australian Linguistics Association awards. Lucija won the Michael Clyne Prize and Suzanne won the Gerhardt Laves Prize.
Suzanne Hopf, Lucija Medojevic, and Sharynne McLeod