September 6, 2017

Research Roundtables at the ASHA Convention

I have been invited (and have accepted) to host a table on International Research Collaborations at the 20th annual Research Roundtables at the 2017 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Los Angeles in November. Here is what ASHA says it entails:
ASHA invites early-career and experienced researchers to network and discuss research career topics at the Annual Research Roundtables at the ASHA Convention. Researchers, including students interested in research careers, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty, will have the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced researchers and funding agency staff.
Well-established researchers will facilitate discussions on numerous topics related to starting, maintaining, and managing research careers. Researchers at all career stages will find topics of interest ranging from pursuing a PhD, to securing research funding, to interdisciplinary research.