March 22, 2018

First VietSpeech team meeting

Last year we were awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery grant titled "Vietnamese-Australian children's speech and language competence" (for 2018-2020). Since this time we have been recruiting project officers and a PhD student and preparing our ethics application. Our team live in Bathurst, Sydney and Albury, so today (and tomorrow) marks our first face-to-face team meeting. We have enjoyed meeting one another and planning the studies. Van Tran, our VietSpeech PhD student, met the Vice Chancellor on her first day on campus at CSU! He wished us well in our project (along with members of Academic Senate and Faculty Board who applauded during the respective meetings over the past 2 weeks when our project was announced). We hope that our work will have an impact on Vietnamese language maintenance in Australia, and will support Vietnamese-English children's speech and language competence. 

Van Tran, Vice Chancellor Andy Vann, Sarah Verdon, Ben Pham, Audrey Wang, Sharynne McLeod
Audrey, Ben, Sharynne, Van and Sarah