August 21, 2011

Accessing international speech assessments

One of the aims of my Future Fellowship is to conduct a systematic review of children’s speech assessments that are available in languages other than English. I am reviewing formal (published) assessments/word lists. I am also working with Nicole Limbrick (CSU honours student co-supervised by Dr Jane McCormack) to review informal (unpublished) assessments in English and other languages. Nicole is also considering speech-language pathologists’ decision-making regarding conceptualization and operationalization of informal assessments. 

The first part of undertaking such a review is to purchase/obtain as many assessments as possible. Some of the challenges Sarah Verdon (my research assistant) I have encountered to date include:
  •  The website is in a language other than English (of course); but even with the help of Google translate, information can be misunderstood. For example, I purchased the stimulus picture book, but not the score sheets/instruction manual, because I did not go to an affiliated web page.
  • The tests can only be purchased after attending a training session in the publisher’s country
  • The tests are commissioned/published by the government, so can only be accessed by government employees in that country
  •  The tests are no longer available/accessible
  • The tests are still in development, so are not yet available/accessible
  • The tests do not have a website, so information about contacting the publisher, determining the cost etc is difficult
  • The tests' websites do not enable purchase via credit card
  • The tests' website lists the purchase price in one currency (e.g., euros), but charges in a different currency and uses a different company name on the credit card receipt (this makes it difficult to reconcile expenditure for the university finance department!)

**If anyone reading this blog could assist with information regarding purchasing/obtaining tests, I would love to hear from you!**

It is my aim to make an annotated list of assessments in languages other than English available to speech-language pathologists around the world. The appendix of the following chapter provides publication details for a number of tests and word lists. It is my aim to purchase/obtain each of these, and any others that may be out there!

McLeod, S. (2011, in press January). Multilingual speech assessment. In S. McLeod & B. A. Goldstein (Eds.) Multilingual aspects of speech sound disorders in children. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Language (dialect)
Name of children's speech (articulation/phonology) test
Arabic (Egyptian)
Mansoura Arabic Articulation Test (MAAT)
Arabic (Jordanian)
Amayreh Articulation Test
Amayreh Articulation Test: Modified
Cantonese Phonological Assessment Guideline
Cantonese Segmental Phonology Test
Hong Kong Cantonese Articulation Test
Fonologische Analyse van het Nederlands (FAN)
Logo-art articulatieonderzoek
Taaltoets Alle Kinderen
Taaltoets Allochtone Kinderen
Utrechts Articulatie Onderzoek
Artikulaation arviointitehtäviä
Artikulaatiotesti. Äänteenmukainen sanakuvatesti

Bilan phonologique
Casse-tête d’Evaluation de la Phonologie (originally from Auger, 1994)
ADD – Aachener Dyslalie Diagnostik
AVAK – Analyseverfahren zu Aussprachestörungen bei Kindern
Bilderbuch zur Ausspracheprüfung bei Kindern
Logo Ausspracheprüfung
PAP – Pyrmonter Ausspracheprüfung
Patholinguistische Diagnostik von Sprachentwicklungsstörungen
PLAKSS – Psycholinguistische Analyse kindlicher Aussprachestörungen
Ravensburger Stammler Prüfbogen
Anomilo 4. Screening Test for Speech and Language Disorders for 4-year-old Children
Assessment of Phonetic and Phonological Development
GMP Diagnosztika [GMP Diagnostics]
Israeli Hebrew
Articulation and Naming Test
Goralnik Language Screening Test
Kōon Hattatsu Yosoku Kensa
Kōon Kensahō (original reference)
Kōon Kensahō
Shinteiban Kotoba no Tesuto Ehon
Maltese-English speech assessment for children (MESA)
Artikulasjonsprøve for registrering av uttalefeil
Norsk Fonemtest
Norsk Logopedlags Språklydsprøve
Portuguese (Brazilian)
ABFW Teste de Linguagem infantile: Nas áreas de fonologia, vocabulário, fluência e pragmática
Avaliação Fonológica da criança (AFC)
Portuguese (European)
Teste Fonético-Fonológico-ALPE (TFF-ALPE)
Putonghua Segmental Phonology Test (PSPT)
Picture-naming task
Samoan Word List
Assessment of Phonological Processes-Spanish
Assessment of Spanish Phonology – Revised
Austin Spanish Articulation Test
Comprehensive Assessment of Spanish Articulation-Phonology (CASA-P)
Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence: Spanish
Hodson-Prezas Assessment of Spanish Phonological Patterns
Southwest Spanish Articulation Test
Spanish Articulation Measures
SVANTE- Svenskt artikulations- och Nasalittets Test [Swedish Articulation and Nasality Test]
Ankara artikülasyon testi [Ankara Articulation Test]
Konuşma sorunlu çocukların sesbilgisel çözümleme yöntemi ile değerlendirilmesi [Assessment of Speech Disordered Children by Phonological Analysis]
Eskişehir Konuşma Değerlendirme Test Takımı [Eskisehir Assessment of Speech Test]
Türkçe Sesletim-Sesbilgisi Testi (SST) [Turkish Articulation and Phonology Test]