November 21, 2011

American Speech-Language-Hearing Convention, San Diego, CA, USA

From 17-19 November, I attended the American Speech-Language-Hearing Convention, in San Diego, CA along with 12,000+ other delegates.

My colleagues and I coordinated the following invited sessions:

  • McLeod, S. & Goldstein, B. A. (Coordinators) Cross-linguistic and multilingual aspects of speech sound disorders in children (Invited 2 hour seminar)
  • McLeod, S., Staley, B., & Battle, D. (Coordinators)  SLP university programs in developing countries: Culturally sustainable approaches (Invited 2 hour seminar).

I co-presented the following papers:
  • McLeod, S. Multilingual speech assessment and analysis.(Paper as part of invited seminar)
  • Goldstein, B. A. & McLeod, S. Typical and atypical multilingual speech acquisition. (Paper as part of invited seminar)
  • Baker, E. & McLeod, S. SLPs’ assessment and intervention practices for childhood speech sound disorders. (Technical paper)
  • Washington, K. N., Thomas-Stonell, N., McLeod, S., Warr-Leeper, G. Parents’ and SLPs’ perspectives on communication and participation skills. (Poster)
 It was a stimulating convention. A time for learning, discussion, celebrations, and continuing friendships.

Presenters in the seminar on multilingual children with speech sound disorders: Brian Goldstein, Karla Washington (Jamaican Creole), Seyhun Topbaş (Turkish), Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann, Helen Grech (Maltese), Sharynne McLeod, Carol To (Hong Kong Cantonese), Raúl Rojas (Spanish), David Ingram, and Raúl Prezas (Spanish)

Presenters in the seminar on SLP university programs in developing countries: Sharynne McLeod, Marie Atherton (Vietnam), Ken Bleile (Nicaragua), Bea Staley, Kartini Ahmad (Malaysia), Karen Wylie (Senegal). Mary Wickenden (Sri Lanka) and Julie Marshall (Uganda) presented their papers by proxy.

Larry Shriberg, Marc Fey (ASHA Honors awardee), Sandy Fey, and Sharynne McLeod after the ASHA Awards Ceremony