November 26, 2011

International perspectives of infant-toddler education and care

Over the  past two days, I have participated in a symposium at Charles Sturt University titled Infant-Toddler Education and Care: Exploring Diverse Perspectives on Theory, Research, Practice and Policy. It has been a stimulating time of discussion with experts from around the globe. Today presenters from 6 countries described the policy and practice for early childhood education and care and their inclusion/support practices for children:
  • Liz Brooker (U.K.)
  • Claire Vallotton and Jim Elicker (U.S.)
  • Anne Kultti (Sweden)
  • Niina Rutanen (Finland)
  • Mette Gulbrandsen (Norway)
  • Linda Mitchell and Jayne White (N.Z.)
CSU staff and invited guests from infant-toddler centres and services also discussed practices and policy issues in the Australian context. Thank you to Linda Harrison, Jennifer Sumsion and Fran Press who organized this fascinating symposium. 
Invited researchers working with infants and toddlers from around the globe