June 24, 2013

Presentations at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference

This week I am co-presenting the following papers with my students and colleagues at the Speech Pathology Australia National conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland:
  • McLeod, S. Resourcing speech pathologists to work with multilingual clients: From Arabic to isiZulu. Invited Elizabeth Usher Memorial Address. 
  • Crowe, K. & McLeod, S. Children with hearing loss who use languages other than English: A systematic review of language outcomes.
  • Crowe, K., McLeod, S. & Ching, T. Y. C. 3-year-old Australian children with hearing loss: Cultural and linguistic diversity. 
  • Limbrick, N., McCormack, J., McLeod, S. Speech pathologists' decision-making when creating informal measures for assessing children's speech.
  • Verdon, S. & McLeod, S. A geographical perspective of services to support multilingual Australian children.

The conversations and collaborations that occur as part of the conference are always inspiring and encouraging.
My PhD students are all in one location!
Suzanne Hopf, Kate Crowe, Sharynne, Sarah Masso, Sarah Verdon
Sarah Verdon presenting her paper