June 10, 2013

Vietnamese minimal pairs

Over the weekend Ms Xuan showed me her compilation of Vietnamese minimal pairs for use in minimal pairs and multiple oppositions intervention for children with speech sound disorders. In tone languages, such as Vietnamese, to create a minimal pair you need to consider the consonants, vowels, and tones. So, if you change a consonant within a word, then you need to match the vowel and the tone. For example,
nho2 – đo2. Ms Xuan is going to make her comprehensive resource into a book, written in Vietnamese and English,  for use by speech pathologists/therapists with children with speech sound disorder. It may also be useful for use with adults with dysarthria and for people learning to speak Vietnamese. The words will be written in Vietnamese, International Phonetic Alphabet transcription, and English. I am looking forward to seeing it published.
Ms Xuan showing words for Vietnamese multiple oppositions intervention