July 13, 2013

Bon Voyage Sarah

Sarah Verdon, my PhD student, is leaving tomorrow to travel the world for 5 months. She will be visiting Chile, Brazil, Italy, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and US. The purpose of her travels is to collect data on best practices services for multilingual children with speech sound disorders and to attend and present papers at 3 conferences:

  • International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics conference (Italy)
  • Asia Pacific Society of Speech Language and Hearing conference (Taiwan)
  • American Speech Language and Hearing Association convention (USA)
Yesterday, Sarah and I submitted two manuscripts to international journals to be considered for publication:
  • Verdon, S., McLeod, S., & McDonald, S. (2013). A geographical analysis of speech-language pathology services to support multilingual Australian children. 
  • McLeod, S. & Verdon, S. (2013). A review of speech sound assessments in 18 languages other than English. 
I wish Sarah all the best for her travels, look forward to regular updates, and to seeing her in Turin, Italy and Chicago, US on the way.