July 27, 2013

Thanks Lisa

Lisa McLean has just finished her secondment as business manager for the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education (RIPPLE). I have appreciated her friendly support and guidance about budgets, contracts, and procedures for our current research projects:
  • McLeod, S., Baker, E. M., McCormack, J. M., Wren, Y. E. &  Roulstone, S. E. (2013-2015). A sound start: Innovative technology to promote speech and pre-literacy skills in at-risk preschoolers (DP130102545). Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant. ($284,551)   
  • McLeod, S., Wren, Y., Baker, E., McCormack, J., Crowe, K., Masso, S., & Roulstone, S. (2013-2015). First-phase support for preschool children with speech and phonological awareness difficulties in NSW DEC preschools. New South Wales Department of Education and Communities Grant ($35,000).  
  •  McLeod, S. (2009-2013). Speaking my language: International speech acquisition in Australia. Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (FT0990588). ($686,400)
 While most of the RIPPLE staff work from the Wagga Wagga campus, Lisa is based on my home campus in Bathurst - so I have enjoyed having Lisa close by.

Lisa McLean and Sharynne