November 20, 2013

Launch of Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment

The BESA authors: Liz Peña, Vera Gutiérrez-Clellan, Lisa Bedore, Aquiles Iglesias and Brian Goldstein
The Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment was launched during the ASHA convention after 14 years of development. It is a test of morphosyntax, semantics, phonology, and pragmatics for Spanish-English bilingual children aged 4;0 to 6;11 years. It has been normed on 10 dialects of Spanish and 7 regional US dialects of English for children. Here is the reference:
Peña, E. D., Gutiérrez-Clellen, V. F., Iglesias, A., Goldstein, B. A., & Bedore, L. M. (2014). BESA: Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment. San Rafael, CA: AR-Clinical Publications.