November 16, 2013

Meeting old friends and making new friends at ASHA

The annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Convention is a wonderful time to reconnect with colleagues from around the world, and to meet new colleagues. Much of my time at ASHA is spent discussing research ideas with my colleagues. Here are a few photos of people I was able to meet with while at ASHA this year.
Brian Goldstein and Sharynne
(we are the co-chairs for the 2014 ASHA Cultural and Linguistic Diversity topic)
Li-Rong Lilly Cheng and Sharynne (at Lilly's ASHA Honors party)
Barbara Hodson and Sharynne
Sharynne, Lynn Williams, Marc Fey, Ann Tyler
Stephen Camarata and Sharynne
(Stephen has just written the lead and final articles to the IJSLP scientific forum on autism)
Sharynne and John Bernthal
(happy because we have just finished writing an encyclopedia entry together)