December 12, 2013

Output for 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, I have just completed my annual performance management review with my Dean and Head of School. 2013 has been a productive year. This level of productivity has been directly as a result of being able to devote my time to research through my Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. Here is a summary of what I had to report
Research output (full publication list is here)
  • 6 book chapters (1 submitted, 3 accepted for publication, 2 published in 2013)
  •  25 journal articles (peer review) (7 submitted, 7 accepted for publication, 11 published in 2013)
  • 1 journal article (editorial review) (1 accepted for publication)
  •  26 conference presentations (5 invited, 21 peer reviewed presentations in 2013) 
  • Charles Sturt University Vice Chancellor’s Research Supervision Excellence Award (individual)
  • Speech Pathology Australia Elizabeth Usher Memorial Award 
Research grants
  • McLeod, S., Baker, E. M., McCormack, J. M., Wren, Y. E. &  Roulstone, S. E. (2013-2015). A sound start: Innovative technology to promote speech and pre-literacy skills in at-risk preschoolers (DP130102545). Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant.
  •  McLeod, S., Wren, Y., Baker, E., McCormack, J., Crowe, K., Masso, S., & Roulstone, S. (2013-2015). First-phase support for preschool children with speech and phonological awareness difficulties in NSW DEC preschools. New South Wales Department of Education and Communities Grant.
  • McLeod, S. (2009-2013). Speaking my language: International speech acquisition in Australia. Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (FT0990588)
I have published 6 issues (642 pages) in 2013 in my role as editor of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. I have been editor of IJSLP for 9 years. My role as editor concludes at the end of 2013; however, I will have finalised issues 1-3 for 2014 by the end of my term.

Students and ex-students:
  • Jane McCormack came second in international Pursuit Award for best PhD in childhood disability 
  • Kate Crowe received an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Student Research Travel Award 
  • Kate Crowe (PhD) and Hannah Wilkin (Hons) are graduating in December
  • Sarah Verdon received a RIPPLE travel scholarship
  • Sarah Masso received an APA PhD scholarship
  • Suzanne Hopf received a CSU PhD scholarship
International e-profile
Thank you to everyone who has collaborated with and inspired me during 2013. The most important test of this work is the difference this makes in the lives of children with speech and language difficulties.