December 23, 2013

The end of an era for IJSLP and me

Over the past 9+ years I have edited the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Much of the editorial work has occurred on weekends and evenings. I have thoroughly enjoyed this role as we have been able to support the development of high quality research into high quality publications. I have appreciated the unwavering support of the associate editor (Dr Angela Morgan), the staff and national council of Speech Pathology Australia (particularly Gail Mulcair), informa Healthcare (particularly Håkan Pårup, Therese Franzen, Marie Larsson), the executive board, editorial consultants, reviewers, authors, and readers. Through small steps we have been able to create an international venue for promoting world-class research to support people with speech, language, communication, and swallowing needs.
Sharynne editing IJSLP at home
Here is what was written by the CEO of Speech Pathology Australia, Gail Mulcair, in the December issue of SpeakOUT (p. 6)
At the conclusion of 2013, Professor Sharynne McLeod will retire as Editor of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (IJSLP). Sharynne has held the role since May 2004 and has worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm over 10 years. During this time, Sharynne has led the journal to a new title and branding, achieved Medline and ISI Web of Science Social Sciences Citation indexation, with the most recent ISI impact factor ranking of 1.176, and significantly advanced its international standing and world-wide recognition as a leading journal in the profession and sciences of speech and language pathology. Sharynne has fostered many strategic international alliances, but has also been a strong supporter of developing and championing Australian research. Sharynne’s many groundbreaking achievements include the IJSLP becoming the first journal to include audio and video files, as well as the introduction of themed issues such as the Scientific Forum on the World Report on Disability and people with communication disability, with its lead article becoming one of the most downloaded articles of all Informa publications. Sharynne has displayed tremendous commitment and dedication in transforming our journal into a publication of world-class quality and scientific rigor, which is evidenced in its continued growth and wide readership. We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Sharynne – she has left a very strong legacy and we wish her well with the many extra hours she will now have in her day!

Here is a part of the President's message published in the December issue of SpeakOUT (p. 3):
At the end of 2013, Professor Sharynne McLeod will step down as editor of the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology after nearly 10 years in this position. On behalf of SPA, I wish to extend our deepest appreciation to Sharynne for her extraordinary expertise and dedication in her role as the editor of IJSLP. Due to her editorial expertise, she has steered the journal towards a position as a leading international journal in speech pathology, providing readers with high quality research articles and forums for discussion. Associate Professor Kirrie Ballard will take up the editorship of the journal and we look forward to working with her to continue building upon the strengths of IJSLP.