August 14, 2014

Charles Sturt University Public Lecture

I have been invited to present a Charles Sturt University Public Lecture on Wednesday 20th August. The lecture is a part of the Explorations series. The title is Speaking my languages: Celebrating multilingual children
Children are amazing! They master most of their speech and language skills in their first five to six years of life. Many children around the world become competent communicators in more than one language. However, some children have difficulty with speech and language, regardless of the number of languages they speak. Communication is a basic human right, and it is important to facilitate children’s communicative capacity. This presentation will offer a world tour of the research undertaken during Professor McLeod’s four-year Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. Insights will be provided about supporting children’s communication based on her work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, as well as with children from Vietnam, Fiji, Turkey, Zambia, Hong Kong, Germany, US, Iceland and many other countries. Audience members are encouraged to bring their smart phones, tablets, or laptop computers to access online resources during the presentation.
Here is the media release