August 19, 2014

Weblinks for CSU Public Lecture

The following weblinks supported my Charles Sturt University Public Lecture - 20th August 2014
The public lecture was held in Bathurst, and broadcast to CSU's campuses in Homebush (Sydney) and Albury. It was also tweeted using #multispeech

  1. Speaking My Languages blog 
  2. UNESCO Do one thing for diversity
  3. Early Years Learning Framework
  4. Celebrating Indigenous Australian children’s speech and language competence
  5. The cultural and linguistic diversity of 3-year-old children with hearing loss 
  6. Language maintenance and loss in a population study of young Australian children 
  7. Speech, sign, or multilingualism for children with hearing loss
  8. Influences on caregiver decisions about communication choices for children with hearing loss
  9. A systematic review of cross-linguistic and multilingual speech and language outcomes for children with hearing loss
  10. Influence of bilingualism on speech production: A systematic review
  11. Prevalence of speech and language concern for Australian children
  12. Applying the World Report on Disability to Australian children with communication disability (free access)
  13. Multilingual children’s speech: free resources
  14. Multilingual children’s speech position paper
  15. Speech characteristics of languages
  16. Speech acquisition: across linguistic review
  17. Children's acquisition of Hong Kong Cantonese consonants, vowels, and tones
  18. Intelligibility in Context Scale
  19. English validation of Intelligibility in Context Scale
  20. Non-English speech assessments
  21. Factors that enhance English  transcription of Cantonese consonants  
Bathurst speech pathologists at the CSU public lecture:
Christine Porter, Sharynne, and Jess Bower