November 21, 2014

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Orlando, FL

This week I am attending the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Brian Goldstein and I were invited to Co-chair the  Cultural and Linguistic Considerations Across the Discipline committee and it is great to see the outcome of the past year of work to review/prepare/allocate 44 hours of presentations on this topic.
SLP Conference chair Lynn Williams announcing the topic co-chairs at the opening session
While at the convention my colleagues, students and I are presenting the following papers:
  • Hopf, S. C. & McLeod, S.  Cross-cultural competencies for working with children with speech and language disorders from Fiji. Invited presentation.
  • McLeod, S. & Crowe, K.When are speech sounds learned? A cross-linguistic systematic review. Technical paper.
  • McLeod, S. (chair) (2014, November). Beyond Spanish II: Competencies for SLPs working with children from diverse cultures. 1 hour seminar.
  • McLeod, S., Harrison, L. J., Whiteford, C., & Walker, S. (2014, November). The impact of being multilingual when 4-5 years on academic and social-emotional outcomes at 8-9 years. Technical paper
  • Washington, K. N., McLeod, S., McFarland, A., Weisbarth, J. (2014).  Jamaican Creole-speaking children’s expressive language, emergent literacy & communicative-participation: SLP, parent, and teacher evaluations. Technical paper.
  • Weisbath, J., Washington, K. N., McLeod, S., Samms-Vaughan, M., & Devonish, H. (2014, November). Print concept development in English: Comparing Jamaican preschoolers to US ELL and monolingual English-speaking preschoolers. Poster. 
  • Presenters in the Beyond Spanish session: Giang Pham (Vietnamese), Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann (Russian), Seyhun Topbas (Turkish), Sharynne McLeod (Fijian - with Suzanne Hopf)