December 12, 2014

PhD, postdoc, and honours community of scholars meeting in Bathurst

On 11 and 12 December I hosted a meeting for my PhD, postdoc and honours students at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. Each student presented their current work, shared their publications and CVs, and received feedback from their colleagues. We also had sessions on preparing your CV, selecting journals and conferences, and definitions of a research-active academic. Bruce Andrews from CSU Media talked about how to talk to the media and Lisa McLean from the Faculty Research Office joined the conversation about using social media to enhance your research. During the time we welcomed our newest PhD student, Helen Blake. It was a wonderful two days of collaboration.
L-R: Lisa McLean, Helen Blake, Ben Pham, Sarah Masso, Charlotte Howland,
Sharynne McLeod, Sarah Verdon, Kate Crowe, Bruce Andrews
Ben Pham presenting her PhD journey so far