December 19, 2014

Sound Start Study 2014

The Sound Start Study has had another extremely productive year.
During 2014 the team have seen 585 children, with more than 60 being involved in all six different stages of the study:
  • Stage 1 = 585 children received screening assessments
  • Stage 2 = 144 children received diagnostic assessments
  • Stage 3 = 77 children received in-depth assessments
  • Stage 4 = 69 children were randomised to either the intervention or control groups
  • Stage 5 = 67 children received post-assessment 1
  • Stage 6 = 65 children received post-assessment 2
Thank you to Kate Crowe and Sarah Masso who have completed these assessments with all of the children and Charlotte Howland, our research assistant who has assisted with data entry.
The Sound Start Study chief investigators and principle investigators are: Sharynne McLeod, Elise Baker, Jane McCormack, Yvonne Wren, Sue Roulstone and the research has been funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant with support from the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

We have one more year of data collection to go, then can find out whether the Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter computer program is a successful intervention for children with phonologically-based speech sound disorders.
Sarah Masso, Mike Tom (Department of Education and Communities),
Kate Crowe, Charlotte Howland, Sharynne McLeod