May 31, 2015

First meeting of the Speech, Language and Literacies Research Stream of RIPPLE

On Thursday and Friday 27-28 May, the Speech, Language and Literacies research stream of RIPPLE met for the first time. Christine Edwards-Groves and myself have been appointed the coordinators of the stream. RIPPLE members and PhD students who have undertaken and are undertaking research in this area are members. The synergies between the participants was explored and future networking and collaboration was planned.
L-R: Speech, Language and Literacies: Kasey Garrison, Noella Mackenzie, Sarah Verdon, Natalie Thompson, Christine Edwards-Groves, Sharynne McLeod, Stephanie Garoni, Sarah Hayton, Christina Davidson (+ Helen Blake, Kate Crowe, Brooke Scriven, Sarah Masso, Ben Pham, Suzanne Hopf, Jane McCormack, Linda Harrison)