May 9, 2015

Intelligibility in Context Scale at CPLOL in Florence, Italy

Research and translations of the Intelligibility in Context Scale continue to grow. While at the CPLOL conference in Florence, Italy I gave a presentation about the ICS. The presentation following mine was by Annick van Doornik-van der Zee from The Netherlands who has shown that if the ICS score is added to the PCC score it will explain between 61-74% of the variance of scores by preschool-aged children. The session was chaired by Thora Masdottir, the person who translated the ICS into Icelandic, and after the session colleagues from Portugal offered to translate the ICS into European Portuguese. 
Annick van Dorrnik-van der Zee (Netherlands), Thora Masdottir (Iceland),
Marisa Louasda, Ana Margarida Ramalho (Portugal), and Sharynne