July 13, 2016

Kate's Bathurst farewell

Kate Crowe will head to the US for her Fulbright postdoctoral scholarship in less than a month. She visited Bathurst this week to say farewell. She began her visit skating at the Bathurst winter festival (here), she had lunch with some of her Bathurst friends, and finished her visit by submitting a paper that we have been working on for a number of years that summarizes children's consonant acquisition across 27 languages. While in Bathurst, Kate has been profiled in the CSU Thrive Alumni magazine here. Thanks for coming to Bathurst Kate - and best wishes for your adventures in the US.
Sharynne, Kate and Jess on the ice
Kate Crowe, Audrey Wang, Grear McAdam, Linda Harrison, Ben Pham, and Minh
Hundreds of kangaroos came out to say goodbye...
...including this mother and joey