July 13, 2016

PhD students - July 2016

Semester 2 has begun and I am privileged to work with the following PhD students
Sarah Masso
Topic: Polysyllable maturity of children with speech sound disorders
Co-supervisors: Elise Baker, Jane McCormack
Suzanne Hopf
Topic: Fijian children's speech, language and literacy
Co-supervisor: Sarah McDonagh
Ben Phạm
Topic: Children's acquisition of consonants, vowels and tones in Northern Viet Nam
Co-supervisors: Jane McCormack, Linda Harrison
Helen Blake
Topic: Enhancing intelligibility: Improving participation in multilingual university students
Co-supervisor: Sarah Verdon
Anna Cronin
Topic: Speech acquisition of toddlers with cleft lip and palate

I am also working with Sarah Verdon and Kate Crowe as postdoctoral research fellows.