August 11, 2016

Interesting discussions in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Over the past few days I have had the pleasure of spending time with Dr Jill Titterington and Natalie Hegarty from the University of Ulster. During the first day Jill and Natalie showed me around Belfast, highlighting important aspects of the city and its rich and complex history. We visited some sites that celebrated the work of John Hewitt and James Larkin who promoted social justice within the city. We then spent time together discussing Natalie's PhD that is considering speech-language therapists' intervention practices and knowledge when working with children with speech sound disorders.
Jill Titterington, Natalie Hegarty, Sharynne (with Tim Tams)
discussing Natalie's PhD research
Sharynne, Jill and Natalie near the James Larkin mural
Jill, Natalie, David and Sharynne at The John Hewitt, a famous pub in Belfast