August 5, 2016

Sarah submitted her PhD today

Today Sarah Masso submitted her PhD titled: Polysyllable Maturity of Preschool Children with Speech Sound Disorders. It was submitted as a series of publications (1 book chapter and 5 journal articles). Sarah's research was based on data collected from 93 children within the Sound Start Study. Within her PhD she invented the Word-level Analysis of Polysyllables (WAP, Masso, 2016a) and the Framework of Polysyllable Maturity (Masso, 2016b). Her co-supervisors were Elise Baker, Jane McCormack (and unofficially Yvonne Wren, Sue Roulstone, and Kate Crowe). Congratulations Sarah on this HUGE milestone in your life.
Lisa McLean (research office), Sarah Masso with her thesis, and Sharynne
Lisa McLean, Ben Pham, Sarah Masso, Audrey Wang and Sharynne