November 16, 2016

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA

This week I am attending the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Philadelphia, PA. There are going to be over 15,000 attendees at the convention, the largest on record.
I have been invited to present the following sessions:
  1. McLeod, S. - Responding to changes in scholarly publishing. Invited panelist - Researcher and Academic Town Meeting (1 hour).
  2. Hustad, K. & McLeod, S. Measuring children’s intelligibility. Invited seminar (2 hours).
Katie Hustad (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Sharynne after the 2-hour invited sesssion
Sharynne, Kate, Karla, Lynn, Elise and Ellie
My colleagues, students, and I are also presenting the following technical papers:
  1. Crowe, K., McLeod, S., & Carty, B. - Raising children with hearing loss in multilingual environments: Understanding the perspectives of professionals. Technical paper (30 mins).
  2. Crowe, K., Cumming, T., McCormack, J., Baker, E., McLeod, S., Wren, Y., Roulstone, S. & Masso, S. - Implementing computer-based intervention for children with speech sound disorder in early childhood settings: Educators’ perspectives. Technical paper (30 mins).
  3. Howland, C., Baker, E., McLeod, S., & Munro, N. - Grammatical morpheme realization by children with phonological impairment disorders. Technical paper (30 mins).
  4. McLeod, S., Baker, E., McCormack, J., Wren, Y., Roulstone, S. Crowe, K. & Masso, S. - Giving preschool children a Sound Start: A randomized controlled trial of Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter. Technical paper (30 mins).
Ron Gillam, Kate Crowe, Karla Washington, Ray Kent, Sharynne
after the Researcher-Academic Town Meeting