November 20, 2016

ASHA convention update

The 2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention was the largest on record with over 16,000 attendees! Here are some more interesting statistics:
  • 4000+ first time attendees
  • 3268 proposals submitted from 5918 authors (30% of presenters were first timers)
  • 37 short courses presented
  • 147 invited sessions presented
  • 1072 podium sessions (including technical sessions) presented
  • 1740 poster sessions presented
  • 32 topic chairs + 519 committee members
My students, colleagues and I presented 6 papers during the convention (1 panel, 1 2-hour seminar, 4 technical sessions) and learned a lot from the other presentations we attended. We also valued the networking opportunities with friends and colleagues from all over the world.
Closing party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with friends from Turkey and NZ:
Sharynne, Seyhun and Oya Topbas, Kate, Gina Tillard, Brenda
Ellie Sugdon, Elise Baker, John Bernthal, Sharynne McLeod, Steph, Kate Crowe
Joanne Cleland (Scotland), Elise Baker and Sharynne at the "meet the author" session at the Pearson booth
One small section of the expansive ASHA Exhibits hall!
The booths were numbered from 100-1400.
Topic chair Danai Fannin and some members of the 2017 ASHA
Cultural and linguistic diversity committee planning next year's convention