December 5, 2016

Annual PhD and postdoc scholars meeting

Today all of my CSU students traveled to Sydney to meet for our annual face-to-face meeting. We traveled from Fiji, Newcastle, Brisbane, Shepparton, Albury, and Bathurst for the day. The day included presentations about postdoc progress from Kate Crowe (from USA) and Sarah Verdon,  plus PhD progress from Sarah Masso (her graduation is next week), Suzanne Hopf, Ben Pham, Helen Blake, Anna Cronin and Nicole Limbrick. What an impressive team undertaking important work throughout the world! Then we planned which future conferences we would attend, and grants and awards we would apply for. There was so much richness shared, I wish we had at least 2 days together. I am so privileged to work with such amazing women: today was a key highlight of my year.
Sarah Masso, Suzanne Hopf, Ben Pham, Helen Blake, Sarah Verdon, Nicole Limbrick, Anna Cronin, Sharynne McLeod
Sarah, Suzanne, Ben, Kate (in USA), Sarah, Anna, Helen, Nicole
The summary of our meetings in 2014 and 2015 are here and here.