March 25, 2017

Kate's invited presentation in Amsterdam

This week Kate Crowe was a keynote speaker at the tri-annual International Conference on Teaching Deaf Learners conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Her presentation was titled: DHH multilingual learners: Language acquisition in a multilingual world. Here is the abstract
Multilingual Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) learners are a group who are both incredibly diverse and under-represented in the literature. However, DHH learners who are acquiring two or more spoken languages, with or without the co-acquisition of signed language/s, are increasingly present in education and therapy services. When working with these learners and their families it is important to consider the differing perspectives of families and professionals on language choices and family language policy and evidence of the advantages and disadvantages of multilingualism in both typically hearing and DHH learners. The majority of evidence currently available describing DHH learners from spoken language multilingual environments suggests that there are no clear advantages of disadvantages of multilingualism on learners’ speech and language outcomes.
Her invited presentation was captioned in real time, and relayed by three sign language interpreters. Congratulations Kate! We were cheering for you from Australia.