August 22, 2017

Research meeting with colleagues from Bathurst, Dubbo and Victoria

Today our NSW Health Translational Research Grant team met at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst to plan our protocols, ethics application, and other aspects of the grant.
Our grant, titled Waiting for speech pathology: Device versus advice? was announced here and here and has two components.
1. Development of a website
2. Comparison between the advice, device, therapy, and control conditions.
This was the first time the whole team had met face-to-face (+ a video link with our colleagues in Victoria). It was a really productive day.
Sally Thornton, Katrina Rohr, Angela Roberts, Emily Davis, Kate Miller,
Nicole McGill and Sharynne
Cath Teskera, Nicole McGill, and Carolynne Winbanks in Victoria
The team hard at work