January 30, 2018

Intelligibility Enhancement in English for multilingual speakers

Helen Blake is presenting an online seminar titled "Intelligibility Enhancement in English for multilingual speakers" on 24 April 2018. The seminar is sponsored by Speech Pathology Australia and more details are here.
(UPDATE new title and new date "Updating accent modification practice: Intelligibility Enhancement for multilingual speakers"- https://www.cpdlive.com/speechpath/seminars4/7633/preview.html)

The abstract is here:
This event aims to support speech-language pathologists working with multilingual adults to enhance their intelligibility in English. Clinicians working in Intelligibility Enhancement, as in any area of clinical practice, need information not only to make appropriate clinical decisions, but also to better understand the needs of clients in order to advocate for and empower them. This webinar will review the literature and terminology relating to Intelligibility Enhancement and multilingual speakers in Australia. Presentation of principles for assessment and intervention will be supplemented with specific examples from different languages.