June 14, 2014

Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS): International research projects

During the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association conference I had many opportunities to meet with collaborators on the Intelligibility in Context Scale. There is a wide range of international research underway at the moment to validate, norm, and explore the uses of the scale in monolingual and multilingual contexts. 
ICS translators and researchers from Fiji, Jamaica/US, Sweden, Australia, Croatia and Russia/Scotland

Vesna Mildner presented a poster providing normative data for 486 Croatian preschoolers aged 1;2 - 7;3 years:

Tomić, D. & Mildner, V. (2014, June). Validation of Croatian Intelligibility in Context Scale. Poster presented at International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden.
Professor Vesna Mildner from Croatia

I presented a paper based on the following publication
Ng, K. Y. M., To, C. K. S., & McLeod, S. (2014). Validation of the Intelligibility in ContextScale as a screening tool for preschoolers in Hong Kong. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 28(5), 316-328.  

In addition,  I learned of research that was underway in Germany, Sweden, and Turkey and many other countries around the world.
Ann Malmerholt and Ase Mogren are using the ICS in their research in Sweden
Dr Sandra Neumann (Germany), Sharynne, Dr Tove Lagerberg (Sweden)
ICS translators from Jamaica, Slovakia, Wales, Croatia and Australia
Dr Karla Washington (Jamaican/Canada/US), Prof Seyhun Topbas (Turkey)