April 9, 2015

Sarah M's travels and accomplishments

Sarah Masso has just learned that she has been awarded a Student Travel Award to attend the Australasian Human Development Association Conference in Wellington, New Zealand in a few months' time. The prize includes $500 + her conference registration.

Sarah spent the past few days visiting Bathurst. We have had an enjoyable time working on a conference poster, conference abstract, and the penultimate version of a journal article.

Sarah and Kate's work with the Sound Start Study has commenced well this year. Children have been recruited in stage 1 and a number of stage 2 assessments have been completed already. The children are on school holidays at the moment. Term 2 is a busy time when Sarah and Kate complete stage 2 and stage 3 assessments to identify the children who will participate in the stage 4 randomised controlled trial of Phoneme Factory Sound Sorter. It is wonderful to work with such talented and dedicated students and staff.