April 1, 2015

Visiting Albury

The Albury/Thurgoona campus of CSU is 5-6 hours south of the Bathurst campus. This week I visited the Albury campus to attend my first Academic Senate meeting as a Professorial Forum representative. The Senate meeting covered issues of teaching, research, staffing, students, and other aspects of university business. I was impressed by the alignment of CSU's motto "For the public good" and the discussions of the Senate that supported staff, students, and our communities.

While in Albury I visited Sarah Verdon in her new office. She has commenced a 3-year position as a research fellow with the Research Institute of Professional Practice, Learning and Education.
I also visited the speech pathology team.
Sarah Verdon in her new office in Albury
Sharynne with members of the speech pathology team in Albury:
Jane McCormack, Catherine Easton, Linda Wilson