September 26, 2016

Day-to-day hard work with excellent colleagues

Grear McAdam, Ben Phạm and Linda Harrison in my office
Many of my blog posts are about things that happen outside of my office. This blog post is about what happens in my office. I work with excellent colleagues, students and research assistants and this photo shows who I have been working with today.
Here is a list of people I work with at the moment:
  • PhD students: Sarah Masso (thesis under examination), Suzanne Hopf, Ben Pham, Helen Blake, Anna Cronin, one more to be announced soon, and one more applying for next year
  • Postdoctoral scholars: Kate Crowe, Sarah Verdon, Audrey Wang
  • Research assistants: Grear McAdam, Sarah Masso, Anna Cronin, Ben Pham, Phil Paschke
  • Colleagues: Linda Harrison, Sarah McDonagh, Graham Daniel, Jennifer Sumsion, Fran Press, Loraine Fordham, Deb Clarke, Jane McCormack, Elise Baker + MANY more