April 24, 2017

Impact of our research: Use by Speech Pathology Australia and the Australian government

The work of the Charles Sturt University’s speech research team has been used by Speech Pathology Australia and in three Australian Government Senate Committees and Reports, one NSW Government Briefing paper, and one Australian Broadcasting Commmission site:
  1. Senate Community Affairs References Committee: Prevalence of different types of speech, language and communication disorders and speech pathology services in Australia Report (12/03/2015). Our research is identified in points 3.20, 3.21, 3.22, 3.31. 3.33 in Chapter 3 (also points 5.31 (McCormack et al.), 4.20 (Verdon et al.) in subsequent chapters) here. For example
    3.21 There have been some significant studies in Australia into the prevalence of speech and language disorders among children. In one of her submissions to the inquiry, Professor Sharynne McLeod of Charles Sturt University, summarised the findings of her study of 14 514 children across 44 schools in New South Wales.
  2. Education and Employment References Senate Committee (25/09/2015): Students with disability in the school system. Professor McLeod and Speech Pathology Australia President Dixon were invited to be interviewed and recorded in Hansard here 
    Subsequently, Speech Pathology Australia’s submission was identified in points 2.22, 2.35 of the Senate Education and Employment References Committee: Access to real learning: The impact of policy, funding and culture on students with disability—Report (January 2016) here
  3. Speech Pathology Australia also used the CSU research regarding prevalence and impact of communication difficulties in their submission to the Productivity Commission's Education Evidence Base Inquiry – Submission 35 here
    Speech Pathology Australia’s full submission is here
  4. Speech Pathology Australia also used our CSU research regarding prevalence and impact of communication difficulties in their submission to the NSW Parliamentary Committee addressing Students with a disability or special needs in New South Wales schools (2016-2017) here - Submission 125 is here
  5.  NSW Parliamentary Research Service Briefing Paper No 12/2015 NSW School Education: NAPLAN, Measurement and Performance here
    Point 9.8 Children with Speech and Language Problems (pp. 26-27) describes research undertaken by CSU researchers (Professor McLeod, Professor Harrison and Dr Wang) into the identification of children with speech and language and their academic outcomes on NAPLAN testing. 
  6. ABC Life at 7 Resources here include Risk factors associated with speech and language impairment at 4–5 years of age - Linda Harrison and Sharynne McLeod here