April 11, 2017

The typical Australian in 2016: First data from the latest Australian census

In my work on multilingual Australia I often quote the census data. The first data from the 2016 Australian census has been released and has been presented by the ABC here:
According to the article:
The typical Australian "is a 38-year-old woman who was born in Australia, has English ancestry, is married with two kids, lives in a home she owns and has finished Year 12"
"The profile of the typical Indigenous Australian is younger again — just 23 years of age"
"According to the ABS, the typical Australian migrant was born in England and is 44 years old — but that varies when examined on a state-by-state basis.

The typical migrant in Victoria is from India, while in Queensland they are from New Zealand and in New South Wales he or she is from China.

While the typical Australian has two parents born in Australia, in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia at least one parent was born overseas."
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics "Most data from the 2016 Census will be available in QuickStats on 27 June 2017"