December 13, 2018

Congratulations Dr Phạm on your graduation

Today Dr Ben Phạm graduated with her PhD from Charles Sturt University. Her dissertation was titled "Children’s acquisition of consonants, semivowels, vowels, and tones in Northern Viet Nam". Details about her PhD and resulting publications are here.

Ben received an Australia Awards scholarship to undertake her PhD in 2014 and we have had a wonderful 4 years together.

Ben has returned to Vietnam to apply her new knowledge but will continue collaborating with members of the SLM Team and on our VietSpeech grant.

Congratulations Dr Phạm on all you have achieved and the influence your work has and will make throughout the world.

The CSU media release about her graduation is here.
Dr Suzanne Hopf, Dr Ben Pham, Prof Sharynne McLeod